Setup VPN iPhone, iPad etc.

To set up OpenVPN click here.


Select Settings from the main screen
Select General
Select Network
Select VPN
Select Settings
Select PPTP or L2TP and set the following:
Enter a descriptive name, for example Sweden
Server: choose the server name for your desired location from the list we provided
Account: Enter your user name
Password: Enter your password
PPTP РEncryption Level: Set to auto  (no longer available after version 10)
L2TP: Enter preshared key we provided you
Send all traffic: ON
Proxy: OFF
Save settings
Repeat the process if you want to set up connection to additional servers


Select Settings from Home screen
Select your connection
Set VPN to ON

PPTP and L2TP are native to Apple devices and is easy to set up. PPTP is an old and not secure protocol. It is useful to hide your IP for everyday use against being profiled by IP address. It is not suitable to actually protect your data.