Secure Devices

Raspberry Pi Version

A complete portable and secure computer that runs on a Raspberry Pi 3.  Purchase the device complete with a Raspberry Pi or just the Micro SD card to plug into your own Raspberry Pi.  With the cost of the Raspberry Pi being around $35 you can keep several of these devices in various locations and just carry the Micro SD card with you. This makes for a very discrete, secure and easily concealable computer solution.

You will need a Monitor (any modern HD TV with HDMI input will work perfectly). Also a keyboard and mouse. Use your own to take a look at the various portable option listed below.

The device is configured with Linux Ubuntu a very easy to use and Windows like operating system. It also has all browsing, Email and office suite software pre-installed. Do virtually anything with this device that you can do with a full sized laptop or desktop.

The Micro SD card included has 64 GB of memory. You can add additional storage using external USB hard drives or Flash drives (always encrypt the drives before using) via the USB ports included on the Raspberry Pi.


Micro SD card configured - Raspberry Pi not included - $200Raspberry Pi fully configured and ready to run - $250
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Crave Travel Pro 13000mAh Dual USB Ultra-High Density Power Bank

Crave PowerPack CRVPP101 50000 mAh,Dual USB and Dual Laptop Ports Ultra-High Density Portable Power Bank

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, 26800mAh External Battery

Portable Wired USB Keyboard Silicone Silent Waterproof Keyboard

Universal Foldable Keyboard

7 Inch HD Display 1024×600 TFT LCD Screen Monitor for Raspberry Pi

11.6 Inch 1920X1080 HDMI LED Display Moniter for Raspberry Pi

8 Inch 4:3 Small LCD Color Video Monitor Screen 1024×768

Logitech M100 USB Optical Wired Mouse

Verbatim Mini Travel Optical Mouse





Pre-configured hard drive to install into your computer

We provide a pre built and fully configured 1TB hard drive for you to install in your computer. The hard drive is set up to the same specifications as the secure computers listed above.

There are many sources of vintage computers in used or remanufactured states. These often sell for just a couple hundred dollars. You can pick up one of these and then install the hard drive in replacement of the one in the computer. Your computer will boot up and be fully secure. Lenovo T61’s are good ones to search for.

Another option is a newer computer, which will be faster, where you open up the computer and disconnect the camera and microphone. Then plug in the hard drive and you’re ready to go. This option requires some technical ability and access to your computers service guides for proper dissassembly and re-assembly.

Finally, while not as bullet proof, you can make any modern computer much more secure and private by adding one of these drives to your computer and booting from it. Either as a second drive or in replacement of the primary.

1 TB Internal Linux Secure Drive - $2002 TB Internal Linux Secure Drive - $250
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Encryption Security: Other companies provide similar products ready to ship and perhaps cheaper. However, what they do is create a prototype drive and then clone it over and over again. Each clone shares the same encryption master key of all the others. Even if they change the passwords on each drive, the encryption master key is the same. Therefore, all anyone wanting to break the encryption on such a drive needs to do is purchase one. Once they have a clone in hand, it is trivial for them to open your drive using their clone. The reason we have a 2 week build period on all drives is that we build each one from scratch. No drive shares anything with any other drive. All drives are hand built and tested in every way. In this way, you can be assured that your drive can’t be hacked using the keys from some other drive and is as secure as possible.


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