Are you concerned about blocked Internet access, censorship, spying or datamining? You should be! The ability to maintain your privacy is essential, yet that ability grows more difficult every day. Web sites and search engines track your every step across the Internet. In many countries web traffic and emails are heavily monitored and saved for decades — even after you delete them.

Our services will:

  • Bypass censors and spies denying them the ability to see your stuff
  • Provide secure and private offshore email that is not monitored or saved
  • Hide your IP address from web site owners and search engines
  • Unblock web sites everywhere in the world
  • Help protect you from identity thieves and hackers
  • Keep your correspondence secure when using hotspots
  • Prevent web marketers from data-mining your life
  • Deny your ISP and others the ability to track your surfing habits

VPN Services

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your entire Internet connection. It creates a tunnel between you and a secure server in your choice of several locations. These servers then become your visible connection to the Internet. You are essentially browsing the Internet from our server location and all web sites you go to will see this address and not yours. Since you have an encrypted tunnel between you and the server, none of your information is available on your local network or to your local ISP or government censors and monitoring. And other users on your local network can’t see your data.

The problem of your privacy being breached and your ability to browse anywhere on the web is solved in just one simple step.

Our Offshore VPN Service allows connections via Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Hungary, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE and Ukraine. These are countries known for their strict privacy laws or are countries that do not cooperate with other countries data retention and availability policies.

Also available is OpenVPN over SSL (STUNNEL) connectivity. This method while much slower than the traditional VPN hides the presence of the VPN connection. This is useful if you are concerned that using A VPN might be a problem or on networks that actively block VPN’s. The Scramble OpenVPN option is also available to hide the VPN signature, making it harder to block and detect.

All VPN’s are not created equal. OpenVPN used by most VPN services has a multitude of possible encryption settings. Many of them are easily broken using today’s technology. Before deciding on a VPN provider ask the following questions. 1) Are you using 256 AES encryption for the VPN connection? 2) Are you using the older weak SHA1 hash or the newer strong SHA512 version?  3) Are you using TLS to prevent Man in the Middle attacks?  4) Does your TLS use 256 AES encryption? 5) Are the VPN certificates signed with RSA 4096? 6) Does your service provide Perfect Forward Secrecy? 7) Do you prevent lesser encryption parameters, which are security risks, from connecting to your servers? We do, most don’t.

Our VPN Service also includes the USA and UK connections. We don’t consider the USA or UK to be privacy protecting locations. However, we do realize that many people have to transact business in these countries and others may need to reach websites that are only available in these countries. In such cases, being on the VPN is still better than using your real IP address. For your security, the USA and UK servers are on an entirely different and isolated network from the offshore network.

Secure Email Services

When you use email from the major providers, they keep all your email for years. Many of these providers scan your emails and create a profile of your life. This information is then available to anyone who wants to buy it.

Have you ever wondered why so many providers push free email and how a business can make money doing so? Its simple, your personal information is worth a lot more to their bottom line than a few bucks a month they would get if you paid for the service. Having millions of email users and scanning everything they do adds billions to their bottom line.

Imagine trying to get a job or buy insurance and having the company do a background check, including a summary of all this data that’s been collected on you. You could easily be denied coverage or the job for something you said 10 years earlier in a private email to a friend.

Government agencies scan email as it crosses the networks of the ISP’s. All non-secure email is looked at and the contents analyzed. Even SSL encrypted mail can be compromised by these agencies.

With regular email, regardless of the provider, you have no privacy.

Our secure Email service combines the security of the VPN to protect the transmission of the email with offshore secure servers that keep no records.



Bitcoin 10% off – We process Bitcoin manually and do not use US based Bitcoin processors for maximum privacy. To pay with Bitcoin send us an email describing which service you want. We will then send you a Bitcoin payment link.