Many legitimate web sites have been taken offline in recent years due to the actions of censors, hackers and failures in the system. The trend is for more of this to happen in the future. By changing the record of your domain name in the DNS servers around the world, your web site can be made to disappear in a matter of moments. It could take hours, weeks or maybe years to get it back to where it was.

We maintain our own DNS system which all of our VPN servers can use. This system can keep track of the real address of a web site so that, regardless of what happens in the world, people on the VPN will always receive your true IP address and land on your site.

There is no cost for this service to web site owners. All you need to do is let us know the dedicated IP address of your web site. We will add it to our servers. Your clients who use our VPN service will always get the correct address and ensure privacy in their connection by using the VPN to access sites.

If you would like your site added to our network, email us at and provide your domain name and the dedicated IP address of your site. If you have sub domains associated with your web site, include those names as well. The IP address you provide us must match the current DNS resolution of the site at the time of the request is made.


In order to take advantage of this service your web site must have a dedicated IP address and not an address shared with other web sites on the same server.


Our service is intended to help protect the interests of legitimate web sites and their owners. If your web site contains illegal content please go elsewhere as we are not interested. We reserve the right to not accept any site for any reason.