These days computers come with a lot of built in features like cameras, microphones and applications included in the operating system, which can be used to gather personal information about you. Web reports are everywhere telling about hackers, network administrators and agencies tapping into the "back doors" that are built into these operating systems, enabling others to watch, listen and even see everything you do.

While some software provides an option for turning off things like cameras and microphones, the problem lies in the fact that it's software, because software switches don't actually break a connection. If you turn off the light in your house, you have to physically walk up to your light switch to turn it back on. When you turn off a software switch, anyone with control of the software, from anywhere in the world, can turn it back on.

For a limited time, we are offering secure computers -- the most private and secure computers possible.

These computers are 'new in box' older models that don't have web cams or microphones. Since the devices never existed on these machines, they can't be turned on. To use a web cam or microphone with these computers, plug it in when you need it and unplug when you don't. You have total control over the system since, like the light switch, you have to physically walk up to the computer and plug in the device to make it active.

Recently, many reports tell of modern operating systems offered by the name brand companies having backdoors on them used for all sorts of reasons. Metadata and possibly more is collected all the time on these computers. Where it goes and who sees it, you will never know. You will also never know if and when an outside source is using one of these backdoors to access your computer and its files. Not a very good feeling is it?

The solution is to use Open Source operating systems where the software code is published and well known. This is the exact opposite of the name brand operating systems where the code is secretly held and nobody outside of these companies has a clue what it does in the background.

Our secure computers are based on the Lenovo (formerly IBM) Thinkpad series of computers. We chose these computers for their legendary build quality and reliability. Designed for businesses, they can take a lot of abuse and still keep working. Of course, the supply of these computers is limited since they haven't been manufactured in years and finding ones that have never been used gets harder every day. Our offerings/prices may change depending on what is available to us at any given time.

Each machine is configured by hand and set up to make it as secure as possible and will be ready to use from the moment you receive it.

Common Features of these computers:
  • Linux Mint operating system which has a very friendly Windows type interface (if you can use Windows you can use Linux Mint)
  • A new, modern 500 GB SATA hard drive is installed in place of the original drive to give you plenty of room to store your files
  • Memory is expanded to the full capacity of the machine
  • 100% fully encrypted drive to protect all of your information
  • Strong encryption to completely hide your history preferences and activity
  • Unspyable VPN service pre-configured and ready to use
  • Unspyable Secure Email pre-configured and ready to use
  • Six months of Unspyable VPN and Email service
  • Included are all the basic applications you would have on a typical PC to include a full office suite, music player, DVD player, chat and messaging client, and more
  • Thousands of additional free open source applications are available for 1 click install

NOTE: Currently we are out of stock on all Lenovo legacy computers. Please see the build yourself option below.


Build it yourself

We provide a pre built and fully configured 1TB hard drive for you to install in your computer. The hard drive is set up to the same specifications as the secure computers listed above.

There are many sources of vintage computers in used or remanufactured states. These often sell for just a couple hundred dollars. You can pick up one of these and then install the hard drive in replacement of the one in the computer. Your computer will boot up and be fully secure. Lenovo T61's are good ones to search for.

Another option is a newer computer, which will be faster, where you open up the computer and disconnect the camera and microphone. Then plug in the hard drive and you're ready to go. This option requires some technical ability and access to your computers service guides for proper dissassembly and re-assembly.

Finally, while not as bullet proof, you can make any modern computer much more secure and private by adding one of these drives to your computer and booting from it. Either as a second drive or in replacement of the primary.

$250.00 - PayPal



NOTE: The $250 dollar initial price includes the device, shipping to the USA and 6 months of VPN and email service. After 6 months there is a charge of $57 for every 6 months to continue the VPN and email service.

Devices are built to order and customized to your VPN and email account. Allow up to 2 weeks for shipment.

Encryption Security: Other companies provide similar products ready to ship and perhaps cheaper. However, what they do is create a prototype drive and then clone it over and over again. Each clone shares the same encryption master key of all the others. Even if they change the passwords on each drive, the encryption master key is the same. Therefore, all anyone wanting to break the encryption on such a drive needs to do is purchase one. Once they have a clone in hand, it is trivial for them to open your drive using their clone. The reason we have a 2 week build period on all drives is that we build each one from scratch. No drive shares anything with any other drive. All drives are hand built and tested in every way. In this way, you can be assured that your drive can't be hacked using the keys from some other drive and is as secure as possible.

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For use with Windows PC's only. Will not work with Mac PC's, Android or Apple based tablet computers.



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