To create a truly private network yet still be able to access it from anywhere in the world.

The Dark Net service will allow you to:

  • Create a private international network with access to your servers
  • Prevent web, ftp and other servers from being accessible on the Internet
  • Maximize the privacy of the data on your personal servers
  • Allow only authorized personnel access to your servers
  • Prevent search engine indexing or crawling of any of your web pages
  • Distribute your data privately without fear of it being seen by others
  • Allow access without a domain name or the need for public DNS servers

How it works:

There are three basic parts to this service that make it work:

1) VPN service

You can use one or more of our existing VPN servers* or we can build a private server for you. A private VPN server gives you an IP address that is only used by you and the people whom you provide login credentials to. To access the dark net you must be on the VPN because the virtual private network is the heart of the dark net.

2) Private DNS service

While you can always access your server using the VPN, via it's IP address, having a private DNS allows you to name your server to virtually anything you want and use that common name to access it. For example you could name your server

While on the VPN our private DNS servers will resolve that name and send your users to your server. However, typing that name on the regular Internet would result in a dead or incorrect link.

3) Setup of your server

If you use your server, then you will have to set your IP tables or firewall to disallow all access except from the VPN server IP. This step effectively takes your server off the Internet and makes it go dark. Because the server will only respond to requests from the VPN network, nobody else outside the network can access it. We can tell you how to do this or, if we set up your server, we will do it for you.

Because all traffic flows over the highly encrypted VPN network, none of your data is visible anywhere on the Internet. All transfers of web pages, files, etc. are completely hidden.

It is also recommended that you fully encrypt the hard drive of your server for maximum protection.


Basic service using your existing server and our public VPN addresses*

The pricing for this service is the same as our regular VPN service. Each user requires an account to access your dark net.

Dedicated VPN IP service using your existing web or file server

Monthly,  includes up to 25 users - $250.00

Yearly, includes up to 25 users - $2,500.00

Web or File servers configured to use the service

Please email us to discuss your requirements

* Using our regular VPN address will allow any of our customers to theoretically access your server. However, since they would have no idea of your server name or IP address, this is very unlikely. For maximum security, use a dedicated VPN server with a private IP address.



In order to take advantage of this service your server must have a dedicated IP address and not an address shared with other servers on the same physical computer.


Our service is intended to help protect the interests of legitimate web sites and their owners. If your web site contains illegal content please go elsewhere as we are not interested. We reserve the right to not accept any account, for any reason.